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Marc Bamuthi Joseph
Oct. 25 — Oct. 25, 2015

"Citizens" 2015 Fall Festival /
Chicago Humanities Festival
Geoff Sobelle (performer) in Holoscenes tank. Image: Lars Jan^497 Annie Saunders (performer) in Holoscenes tank. Image: Lars Jan^497 Holoscences (photo: Lars Jan)^497 Annie Saunders (performer) in Holoscenes tank. Image: Lars Jan^497 Creative Residency for Lars Jan's Holoscenes^497 Holoscenes (Photo: Lars Jan)^497 Creative Residency for Lars Jan's Holoscenes^497

Lars Jan/Early Morning Opera

For HOLOSCENES, "ritual" is defined as any therapeutic habitual behavior that counteracts chaos, from trimming roses to practicing Tai Chi.

These behaviors are the sort that are performed a) alone, b) daily or near-daily, and c) in durations, generally, of anywhere from five to fifteen minutes. Using custom software, we have generated 52 land-based latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates across the globe (see map below). We are now in the process of seeking and engaging collaborators in or near these locations, who will then document - through video, photography, or a written description - a personal ritual in their vicinity. Using this documentation as our source material, we will then simulate these 52 rituals both in choreography and design with our team of performers. From this pool of 52 rituals, we will ultimately select 24 for performance within the aquariums, with each performer responsible for performing two rituals.

These seemingly arbitrary numbers - 52 (weeks in a year), 24 (hours in a day), 12 (months in a year) - have their origin in the numerological system by which we have culturally come to measure, and relate to, time. This semi-randomized gathering process recognizes the indiscriminate impact of global climate change on all geography and human culture, while alluding to the colonialist capture and representation of specimens (both animal and man) for imperial menageries, cabinets of curiosity, zoos, aquariums, natural history diorama, and other public entertainments.