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Holoscenes (photo: Lars Jan)^497 Holoscences (photo: Sue Holland and Eugene Kim)^497 Holoscenes (photo: Lars Jan)^497 Holoscenes (Photo: Lars Jan)^497 Holoscences (photo: Sue Holland and Eugene Kim)^497 Holoscences (photo: Lars Jan)^497 Holoscenes: (photo: Lars Jan) ^497

Lars Jan/Early Morning Opera

As the artistic director of Early Morning Opera - a transdisciplinary art lab specializing in technically innovative performance - I initiate and collaborate on works that span and integrate genre, invest in complex explorations of language and ideas, and assert the vital function of live events in our increasingly mediated lives.

As the son of two first generation émigrés to the US - my father from Poland, my mother from Afghanistan - I have always felt a heightened interest in the world beyond our borders, and a special responsibility to constructively participate in acts of cross-cultural translation and exchange. Without question, my thirst for travel is profoundly connected to my identity as an artist, as it is exposure to the world that most fuels my imagination. Having lived abroad in Japan, traveled obsessively in Central Asia, and undertaken creative expeditions in Ukraine, Afghanistan, and soon Haiti, I explore these experiences - and how they have spurred my thinking about nations, borders, and the limitations of empathy across distance - through my work.