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Symposium Breakout Group, The America Project Symposium at the New School. Photo: courtesy of the New School^3470 Liza Jessie Peterson, a renowned actress, poet, playwright, educator and advocate. Photo by Allan Weeks. ^3470 Democracy, Imagination, Peeps of Color NOW! at Bailey's Cafe, Freebrook Spaces. Photo: Stephanie Meiling^3470 Double Consciousness to Post Black Longtable Discussion at Actors Fund Art Center. Photo: Stephanie Meiling^3470 Professor Cyril Ghosh from Wagner College (See more at Liza Jessie Peterson at Wagner College)^3470 Word Beomces Flesh Poets Workshop at Urban Arts Partnership. Photo: Rasu Jilani^3470 Pat Williams, Carl Hart, Kendall Thomas in Geographies of Incarceration at Columbia University. Photo: Stephanie Meiling^3470

Community Engagement

Days of Art & Ideas and WeDaPeoples Cabaret (2014 Edition)

Dates: September 11 – 13, 2014

Partner: The New School/Eugene Lang College



Film Screening of ‘finding the 51st(dream) state


September 11, 2014 (6 pm)

Location: Wollman Hall, Eugene Lang College

Panelists: Will Power, Cecilia Rubino, Brian Lewis and Anna Canoni (Woody Guthrie’s Granddaughter)


Initiated by a community sing of “This Land is Our Land”, led by the Woody Guthrie Foundation, the night included a screening of the ‘finding the 51st (dream) state’, a documentary about Sekou Sundiata’s research to performance process during the America Project. The screening was followed by a discussion with Brian Lewis, Cecilia Rubino, Will Power and Anna Canoni.



Thinking Out Loud: Staged Reading


September 12, 2014 (7 pm)

Location: Tishman Auditorium, New School University Center (63 5th Avenue, NY, NY)

Artists: Liza Jessie PetersonYadira De La RivaMarc Wolf                


Staged readings of three plays performed by professional and student actors, embraced various critical issues of our times addressed by playwrights including Liza Jessie Peterson(Peculiar Patriot), Yadira De La Riva (One Journey), and Marc Wolf (Don’t Ask Don’t Tell). The program culminated in a panel discussion about research, art making, and the issues each play addresses as it gives voice to silenced citizens.


Watch excerpts from the evening...

Liza Jessie Peterson Peculiar Patriot

Yadira De La Riva One Journey

Marc Wolf Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

Panel Discussion 



WeDaPeoples Cabaret


September 13, 2014 (7 pm)

Location: Tishman Auditorium, New School University Center (63 Fifth Avenue, NY, NY)

Curator and Host: Will Power               


Curated by playwright Will Power, this cabaret style celebration included poetry, music and dance embracing the power of community. The vibrant night featured music by Burnt SugarAhmed Abdullah and DJ Reborn; spoken word from Ramya Ramana, Climbing Poetry, Lady Logic, Dasia Carr and Jakeem Powell; theatrical performances from Paloma McGregor and more! 

Watch excerpts from evening...

The opening featuring Cecilia Rubino, Brian Lewis, Rasu Jilani, and Will Power here!

Spoken word performances by Jakeem Powell, Dasia Rose, Lady Logic, and Ramya Ramana here

Musical performance by Wishes and Thieves here!

Spoken Word performance by Climbing Poetry here

Musical performance by Burnt Sugar with Ahmed Abdullah here!